Sunday, 6 February 2011


 Yesterday morning

I mentioned yesterday that I was planning a hair over-haul as I was hating my purple rinse and feeling crappy, so this is what I had done...

Yesterday afternoon

I asked for Nicola Robert, of Girl's Aloud fame, red. This isn't really the shade I was aiming for. I wanted it a bit lighter than this, and a bit less fiery. With so many people going various shades of red I really wanted to stay away from pillar-box red, so although it isn't exactly what I had planned, I think it ticks the box. Still getting used to it, but I think I'm pleased with it. I've had it shaved at the sides and the back again (number 5 if you must know), so it is a bit shorter than last-time. As my hair dresser said, my hair grows like weeds, so by the time I'm next there it will be super long again, that is unless I take the clippers to it myself. It wouldn't be the first time...

So guys, honestly what do you think? Are there now colours I can't wear? Any fellow red-heads want to give me some tips?  I've got to debut this bad-boy at work tomorrow, so I'm expecting a barrage of ginge jokes! Anyone else been temped to go to the red-side?


  1. The red is nice- btw you have amazing coloured eyes, but I think I actually preferred your purple look.
    Enjoy showing off the red.

  2. Love both of the looks

    I want to go this colour next but will wait till nest Jan once I'm married in case i freak and want my blonde back.

    You suit any colour and look xx

  3. I loved the purple on you, but this new colour looks gorgeous!
    Really brings out your eyes and suits your skin tone.


  4. i love the bright orange colour with your blue eyes. you look gorgeous, dear!


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