Monday, 31 January 2011

Something special

 A few weeks ago my gran told me how she was picking my eight-year-old cousin up from school when she overheard some of the mums chatting about a fur coat. As the group drooled over one of their collective's outer-wear the mum in question revealed that the coat she was wearing had belonged to her auntie.

This got my gran thinking, because she had a fur coat hanging in her wardrobe that she hadn't worn for some 30 years. She dug it out, and offered it to me. This beautiful coat was bought for my gran by my grandad in 1967. It cost £40. In in 1967, this was an expensive coat!

It is an Astrakhan and mink coat - make by a french company called Astro-fur. Inside the label it reads: "This is a luxury garment and is not intended for everyday use". My gran tells me she only used to wear it when she went 'clubbing' with my grandad!

The coat fits me perfectly - and I am so in love with it. I feel very lucky that my gran has kept and given to me, such a lovely item. I never met my Grandad as he died when my mum was in her teens, if my calculations are right, just three years after buying this coat for my gran. Even more so, this makes it very special and I'll be looking after it with the up most care. 

Anyone else have a special item passed down from a parent or grandparent?  

P.S. If you like my leopard print hairband make sure you have entered my competition, because I also bought one just the same to add to the huge bundle of prizes I'm giving away!


  1. This is gorgeous and it's so lovely to have a story behind the clothing.
    Sure your nan looks at your wearing it and remembers her "clubbing" days.


  2. What a lovely thing to have kept and to pass on. I'm hoping my grandmother had some similar treasure-esque things too, as she trained with Burberry in the 50's. Fingers crossed!

  3. That really is something special :)

    Gorgeous coat & lovely story to go with it.

    I had just thought "ooh love the hairband", when I read the PS! I've already entered though, I'm sure..

  4. My gran passed away a year ago (today, actually) and while going through her and my Grandad's house I found two real leather & real fur handbags - one zebra and one tiger-looking... They're gorgeous :)

    I was also given her engagement ring which is beautiful & am very honoured!


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