Sunday, 4 December 2011

Pure Eightiesness

Sup folks? Here are the last of that shoot I did with Ian Jamieson - these particular photos were done just for fun. Ian was looking to add to his portfolio and we just had some time left so I tried out another outfit, because there is always time for another outfit, isn't there?

This time it was a sparkly little number from Topshop (if I remember correctly) I bought it a few years back in a sale - and this time every year it makes an apperance. I don't know whether it is the sheer eightiesness of the dress, the shoulder pads, body con and glitter, but I do love it. Here I wore it with a pair of fringed leggings which were from another Topshop sale this summer and I picked up for about £8, the real joy is that they are a size eight, which is perhaps why they didn't sell at full price, they must have been baggy on an actual size eight gal!

My outfit was finished off with some vintage 80's earrings, a pendent from Topshop (more Topshop than your averge Fashion Bandit post, eh?!) plus knuckle dusters - golden leaf from Miss Selfridge and 'Love' from Primark.

So this is my last real-clothes-meets-proper-photos post for a while. You'll have to get used to the arms-length outfit shots again - hope you don't mind too much! I do however have some very fun photos coming up - hopefully in a couple of weeks - although I'm having them taken this week. I've got a few beauty reviews to share with you, plus some nail art and two wedding outfits for just one wedding.

What have you all been up to? Anyone else been tempted to have professional shots done for their blog? How do you cope without someone else to take your shots?


  1. This is such a lovely blog! :):) Now following!

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  2. You look bloody marvellous! I'm definitely approving of the whole 'eightiesness'!

    Looking forward to seeing the things you've got coming up - mostly the nail art & wedding outfit(s) :)


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