Sunday, 20 March 2011

What I Wore: Spots & Clocks

I've been a bad blogger of late, haven't I? Sorry all this house stuff plus a bad cold has been keeping me busy!

A friend from work left last month so had a delayed leaving do where a load of people met up for a drink. Weirdly there were more past employees than current ones in attendance.

I popped a temporary colour on my hair as it is looking very faded out at the moment, I love the colour it gives (Rusk, Scream Orange Blast) but it lasts only a couple of washes. So for a night out it is great but I'm looking for something that gives more long lasting vibrancy. I'm getting my hair re-done soon so fingers crossed!

Enough of the chat, here are the details (it is a bit of a Primarni special)...
♥ Polka dot top, Primark. I love this top because I think the shoulder pads and detail help balance my pear-shaped figure. I always get compliments on it too :)
♥ Velvet skater skirt, Primark. I bought this in the Chritmas sale, you may remember it from here, and for just £3 I can't complain!
♥ London tights, Henry Holland. I love my Big Ben tights, I laddered the first pair so these were my replacements!
♥ Gold boots, Irregular Choice. I got these from TK Maxx a couple of years back for the bargain price of £30.

On Friday I organised red-wig day at work for Comic Relief. It was really good fun as the team I work on made a really big effort - which was lovely. We raised a decent amount of money, and it was fun having long hair to swish, even if it was just for a day!

Swish, and pout

Did anyone else get up to any fun fundraisng last week?


  1. Tights are to die for and loving the top also. Looking fabulous.

    Feel better soon too and hope all is well with house-y stuff.

  2. ARGH mrs I totally love your hair!
    Seriously Gorgeous
    Its great to see someone else rockin a bright coloured pixie do too!
    BTW Im totes still on for you guest posting on my blog or a collab for the two of us,I have much more free time now so if you have any ideas let me know

  3. Love your hair colour! That toner worked wonders.
    Those boots are gorgeous, and not a bad price.


  4. you look GORGEOUS! I love that colour and that oufit is immense, those big ben tights are to die for, hope you are well lovely,



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