Sunday, 13 March 2011

Oops, I did it again...

I've had a very busy week, but before I get down to that, here is a fly-by of some items I've bought lately. Someone recently told me you shouldn't buy clothes unless you want it madly or need it badly. Here are some wanted madly purchases...

I saw this really cute top in River Island last week, and I've been keeping my eyes peeled for some strong injections of colour for my wardrobe as most things tend to be black, grey, white or navy. Luckily I had a credit note left over from Christmas which paid for this. I think this looks good on with my ginger hair and I'll be wearing it with a longer top underneath - no one needs to see my belly!

Also a couple of weeks ago, when I was shopping for that wedding outfit, I fell for these palazzo pants, also from River Island, and also bought with that credit note. They are really long so I have to wear big heels with them, but they've already had a few outings, for both work and play. They are super comfy too, and I think, despite the busy pattern, quite flattering. Annoyingly after buying these I saw them featured in a couple of magazines so I'm expecting to see lots of people wearing the same ones!

The scarf though, was pure indulgence. I was shopping for a birthday present for my friend in Accessorize and got distracted. I LOVE my scarves and normally tie them around my head, and the combination of the beautiful central pattern, the leopard-print edgy and the fact it is silk, meant it was perfect to add to my collection. At just 16-quid though, I think it was worth it.

Lovely thing yes, but sadly I'm going to have to curb my shopping gene as I, along with James, am about to make one rather large purchase...our first house! After renting for four years we'll finally be stepping on to the property ladder, and I can't wait. We've had our offer accepted and all the wheels are in (fast) motion, so fingers crossed - soon I'll be moving!

My parents and sister came to stay this weekend, to see the house and they liked it, which is good. Hopefully next time they come to visit it will be to help us with the big move.

How has everyone elses weekends been? Any recent house-buyers who'd like to offer some advice? Any thrifty sorts who've got ideas as to how I can curb my shopping habit now I'll have a mortgage to pay?


  1. Good luck with the house, having a mortgage is hard work but makes you feel so good that you are buying your house.
    I just budget. Easiest thing, make sure the money for bills goes aside each month.
    Love that truth and dare top!


  2. Love the scarf, and hate it when you see something/buy something and then it appears on someone famous or in a magazine. Most irritating.

    Congratulations on getting the offer accepted, looking forward to nosey pictures of the house when it all comes together!

  3. love those trousers, they look soooooo comfy and I bet they look fab on you!
    congrats on the house, big step but awesome :)


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