Tuesday, 20 September 2011

What I Wore: Competition and a Red Face

This is what I wore yesterday and also it is my entry for the fabulous Gem Fatale and Me & Zena LFW competition. All you have to do is upload a pic of you rocking a favourite look to ME & Zena's Facebook page and wait with pinkies crossed in anticipation. The prizes are a Lazy Oaf Tee, a Me & Zena necklace, Lime Crime make up treats and nail varnish from BeautyUK. Oh plus the winner's photo gets posted on Gem's totally awesome blog - amazeballs! Gem hinted in her post towards DIY and nail art, both of which I am a mega fan, but when I checked out the other entries everyone seems to have uploaded nail art. So to be a bit different I decided a funky tied headscarf would work as my little DIY turban!

The deets:
♥ Huge baggy top, Primark. I know it is cheap and cheerful but I totally love this top, it hides many, many sins (namely chocolate, cake, chocolate cake and the such), and goes with so many different things. Nude sort of colours are new for me as I'd avoided them until recently, worried my pale demeanor would leave me looking, er, actually nude.
♥ Skinny jeans, New Look. You can't really see them in this pic, but they are just plain and fit really nicely, plus they were under £30, bonus.
♥ Necklace, Freedom @ Topshop. This necklace was a wonderful present from my sister for my birthday last month. I know she bought it from Oxford St Topshop so I'm hoping it might not make it to all the other stores so I don't see a trillion people wearing it.
♥ Bracelet, BHS. Yes you read it right - I got given this on a BHS press day about six months ago and love the deep red colour, it wraps around my wrist several times, which is good because although I have spade hands, I have tiny wrists!
♥ Coral cardi, H&M. James bought me this for my birthday last month and I've already worn it loads. It is lovely, chunky and warm. It has a waist tie wrap-around thing going on which looks quite chic when it is done up too.
♥ Catseye glasses, online. I bought these from a very cool online retailer that I'm going to blog about soon - I love the retro shape...even though I have been called Dame Edna a couple of times.
♥ Scarf, vintage. Picked this us cheap on one of my vintage hauls, it is a lovely big square shape that makes it perfect for tying in lots of different ways.

Yesterday I ventured out of the house and had lunch and a really nice shopping trip with a friend who has been away all summer. Then I went to the cinema to see Tinker, Tailor, Solider, Spy with James. Film was quite good but I needed the loo half way through (why do I ever buy those big drinks in the cinema?!) and when i came back into the screen I fell, rather dramatically, three times - THREE TIMES - up the stairs. I know what you are thinking. Impressive - right? So James rushed to help me, practically carried me back to our seats and gave anyone death-stares who even thought about laughing at me. Oh no, sorry he didn't. He laughed, took the piss out of me then told me how embarrassing I am. Cheers boy! Oh and I bent all the fingers on my left hand really far backwards when I fell (the second time?) and they hurt like hell now.

Please someone else own up to being a complete klutz so I don't feel like such a loon? Can anyone top my embarrassing up-stairs cinema multi-fall for red face factor?


  1. LOVE this! You look awesome and I love those glasses :) Good luck!


  2. hey, i saw you'd entered the me and zena contest so i thought i'd check out your blog, and it's absolutely lovely! i'm following now. i did my entry early but after seeing everyone elses I just want to stop and start all over again... ergh! best of luck! i'm not expecting to do well as it's my first little entry to a contest EVER but at least it's helped me come across lovely blogs like yours.

    let me know what you think of my meagre entry here:

    good luck! x

    p.s. i have tiny tiny wrists too. x

  3. love the necklace- it looks so different in both pictures!



    xx Audrey

  4. Good luck with the comp, you look ace! Love the outfit x

  5. Great blog :))) I follow you now. If you like, please follow back, it would make me very happy :)))



  6. Nice outfit..
    And great blog ! *


  7. looking lovely, those glasses are amazing! x

  8. Nice outfit, you look so good in this picture, I love your blouse and those pants are perfect, the perfect touch and your accessories rock, also you are very beautiful! You have a lovely blog and I am a new follower! Hope you will like my blog and follow back!

    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic


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