Thursday, 12 January 2012

What I Wore: NYE...and some bargains

I really should have posted this sooner, as NYE was 12 days ago...oops. Anyone else having trouble getting going this month? I really dislike January. And its stupid smiley, healthy face. Think I've got the January blues!

And it all started off so promising, a night out with my friend Christina, my sister Han, and her friend Hayley - at Alma de Cuba in Liverpool.This bar and restaurant is a converted church - with a suspended floor which acts as the restaurant portion. It is all old beams and gothic candles, the place is even complete with amazing antler chandeliers. We were treated to a live band called Good Times, Cuban dancers, and as the clock struck twelve, a petal shower! It was a black and white ball, so we all donned LBD to head out.

What I Wore:
♥ LBD with one shoulder ruffle, this was a sale bargain from River Island (see below), it fit perfectly so was too good to leave behind.
♥ Leopard print tights M&S.
♥ Black ankle boots, Matalan. I' have worn these to death, but I do love 'em!
♥ Chunky black ring, Past Times.
♥ Long feathered earring, from River Island. I wore just one long earring to balance out the dress! The other side I wore a big sparkly stud.

I felt like doing something different with my hair so using my straighteners curled it into pin curls before leaving it to set. A bit of back combing, volumizing spray, pinning (at the sides) and a load of hairspray later I had this little creation! What do you think? Too much? - I was just trying to funk up the crop-bob!

I don't actually buy many clothes full price anymore - so the January sales is the one time in the year I let myself go a little clothes shopping crazy. This month so far I have picked up...

Left-to-right, top-to-bottom: 
♥ LBD, River Island: This is the NYE dress seen above!
Full price: £35 - Sale price: £15  

♥ Beach playsuit, River Island: I might not be able to wear it for a while but this little playsuit was so cute, I had to get it! I plan to layer it up to get the most wear out of this I can.
Full price: £17.99 - Sale price: £9

♥ Black transparent shirt, River Island: For work or play I think I will be able to wear this lots, and I love shirts with a ruffle, great for small busted lasses like me!
Full price: £30 - Sale price: £12

♥ Leopard print kitten heels, New Look: I am I lover of leopard print, however distressing most men seem to find it. I tried on a bazillion shoes in the New Look sale, but these seemed like they'd get the most wear.
Full price: £12.99 - Sale price: £5

♥ Ankle boots, M&S: The ankle boots I wore for NYE are great, but I wear them a lot. So when I saw these, they fit, and were comfy, it was like it was meant to be (honestly!) Plus I got staff discount thanks to James so I got them for about £16 in the end.
Full price: £40 - Sale price: £19

♥ Red jeans, River Island: I really struggle buying jeans. It comes from having big hips but a small waist, they never seem to fit. On the off chance that these would, I bought them in the first day of sale (before they allow you to try stuff on in the fitting rooms), when I got home and tried them on I was incredibly surprised when they fitted, and fitted well. Now I'm just trying to find things to wear with them...any suggestions?
Full price: £40 - Sale price: £20

Although the January sales is the one time I allow myself time to spend, how much did I actually cough up? If I bought all these items at full price it would have come to £175.98, in the sale their total cost was £80! On top of this I had a £25 River Island voucher, and £60 Christmas money, so I actually still have £5 left...

What did you buy in the sales? Anyone get any real bargains? What was the most you saved?


  1. What complete bargains! The leopard courts are adorable. I love your hair like that xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  2. I love the sale math. :)
    And your hair looks bloody lush, I really love it, punky yet girly.
    I wear my coloured jeans with a black sheer shirt tucked in and my bertie wedges, like to keep it plain with the colour on bottom.

    1. Oooh I can reply - how very exciting. And you get my first ever reply lovely Kelly! Might team my black shirt with the trews then although 'cos they are skinnies a bit worried about the old hips!! math is the way forward, you can justify all sorts that way ;) xx

  3. Oh my god! I need to try this with my hair! It looks amazing!!!

  4. Lovin the hairdo!

    I bought some black ankle boots in River Island sale a week ago and they've barely left my feet. There's a picture of them on my blog.

    Use to avoid sale shopping but this year I am a convert!

  5. You look gorgeous wow !! love your hair super great yap
    im already following yours so follow me back in "bloglovin;facebook"


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