Sunday, 27 March 2011

What I Wore: The Marble Dress

An outfit from last weekend - I had a fairly rare night out, so got to dressed up, which is always fun. As you can see here my hair was on the major fade - and is somewhere between red and strawberry blonde. I have had it redone this week so will post a pic soon to show you the new colour soon.

In the meantime here is a quick What I Wore:
♥ Marble dress, River Island. You might remember it from this post, when I got the dress at Christmas. I really like the shoulder pads and it has a little cutout keyhole piece at the top of the back too which is quite sweet. I think the patterned front and plain back are quite flattering - which I need ATM because I am not exercising, but eating lots of bad things.
♥ Holey leggings. I have no idea where I bought these from, they were tights but were too short so I cut the feet off them to make them into leggings, they go with lots of my 'night out' outfits so it was a good decision!
♥ Carvela Kurt Geiger shoes. My most favourite shoes ever, they were a very generous gift.
♥ Long feathered earring. I normally wear just one with a large stud in the other ear, like I've done here. My sister bought me these earrings Christmas before last and they still remain a fave.

I went away on a work press trip with the fella this weekend to the Cotswold's, it was lovely - I just lay around and ate lots, my kind of weekend! Now I am back in my mouse house.

If you follow my Twitter you may have seen me mention the fact that I have at least one (probably more) mouse/mice in my house. James spotted one the other night, the day after I came face to face with one. I called it Jeremy. For all I know it could actually be a Jemima, to be honest I didn't ask. I was all for the humane traps, but James bought poison, so far the greedy buggers have eaten 200g worth, which makes me think Jeremy has friends. I don't like that we are using poison as my Mum & Dad's last cat died of poison because someone was laying it outside, but we are only laying it inside, so hopefully it won't harm any other animals. I just know how destructive they can be... Anyone else had similar problems & can offer advice?

So that is what is going on with me - exciting eh?! Hope you've had good (pest free) weekends!


  1. Looking fab as per!!

    My cats bring mice in all the time, Doesn't bother me really, I pick them up out of their mouths ha ha

    Joanne x

  2. lovely outfit, its always so nice to get dressed up once in a while. your hair always looks amazing good luck with the mouse situation! i have been watching it all unfold on twitter xx

  3. Fabulous shoes and rather taken with the dress also.

    Sounds like a lovely weekend to have, note to self, must do more laying around and sleeping!

    Good luck with the mouse issue. The only experience I've had is with Rats in our office and that was a job for a pest controller. Such a shame they're vermin, because the pet versions are so unbelievably lovely.

  4. this outfit is so fierce, I cannot stop oggling those shoes! so lovely. I feel for you on the mice front,we had them in our old flat for a YEAR- total nightmare ( they were all called Dave to me!) ifg you lay any sort of traps, environmental or otherwise, they seem to love peanut butter.... xxx

  5. I love that dress and your hair looks beautiful like that.

    Christina x

  6. Gorgeous outfit! the marbling on that dress is perfect!
    We definitely need to arrange a meet and coffee at some point! We live so close so it's such a fail we haven't met already!!

  7. arg i adore these shoes. my housemate has them and I cant take my eyes off them when she wears them.

    Helen, X

  8. the marble dress reminds me of one of those childhood 'zap' ice lollies! remember them? ...that's a compliment by the way!


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