Sunday, 14 August 2011

What I Wore: The Bowl Cut

Howdy folks.

I was going to post this during the week, but with all the UK riots it just seemed, I don't now, sort of inappropriate to post something so trivial as an outfit. Like most people, I was really shocked by the riots and my thoughts are with all those who are now trying to rebuild businesses, homes and neighbourhoods. I went out to meet some friends for a meal last night and by the end of the evening conversation turned to the events of the past week, a rather lively debate ensued, but I sat back. Although I have my own views on the 'whys' of the riots I don't really feel the need to air them, I don't think I know enough about all the factors involved to really add anything to the argument, other than, I felt for the people whose neighbourhoods were damaged, and also found the whole thing rather frightenting.

That is all I'm going to say on the matter because A) I felt I should acknowledge it, and B) if you are here, you've come to read about fashion fun - not news-based opinion pieces.

So on to less serious things...
I've had my hair reshaped and roots done. I forgot how tedious the grow-out process is, the worst bit is the 'nothing' hairstyles between crop and bob-length. So I've gone for a bit more of (what I like to think of as) a bowl shaped cut. The fringe is quite square, and then it is graduated at the back. I think it looks quite nice from the side, but from the front I kind if look like I have a big fringe and my hair in a pony-tail. Equally, I'm not entirely sure I suit a full fringe, but at least it is a bit of a change. The plan is to keep the nape tight, so eventually I end up with a graduated bob. I want it now! I just can't wait until it is long enough that I can wear some extensions.

Here is a recent work outfit. I had to go do a job which required a bit of traipsing round town so flats were essential, I don't walk in heels.

Ridiculous posing face

What I wore:

♥ Black jeans: From unknown stall at The Clothes Show several years ago. These have worn pretty well and have really nice gold detailing  -that you can't see here - on the pockets.
♥ Frill shirt: Bought this in a New Look sale ages ago, but this is the first time I've worn it like this with a tie ribbon and belt.
♥ Earrings: These are vintage, 80s stylee which my mum gave me.
♥ Cardi: Zara. I bought this to wear to a wedding but it didn't end up going with the final outfit so never got worn. I love the little leopard print collar, but it doesn't go with many things despite it being classic black!
♥ Belt: Primarni. I can't breathe wearing this super tight wide belt, sort of feels like wearing a corset. Fun times.
♥ Trainers: Matalan. I've had these for quite a long time, but only just started wearing them again, as you can see they are giving way at the bottom!

One last thing. I told you in my last post I'd show you something I'd won, which might be useful for my new hobby...

I won this Kirstie Allsopp sewing box in a raffle! Love the cute design, and it means I have somewhere to keep all my craft bits and pieces. My new hobby is making jewellery, I'm made stuff before, mainly for myself or for presents, but I've recently found a couple of places that sell really funky jewellery making bits, so I've been getting my craft on! I actually find it really relaxing too.

That is it for tonight. I've hurt my right wrist, think it is sprained (can you sprain your wrist swimming? I think exercise is probably to blame), so I've had to type all this with my left and I'm aching now!

Hope you are all safe and have had a good week. What hobbies do you guys do when you are not working and blogging? - although I'm surprised we have time for anything else!


  1. Your hair looks nice styled like that :) x

  2. I love your hair! Very 60's sort of style, and the fringe really suits you. Looks pretty good for a growing out inbetween stage!!:)
    You can injure yourself from swimming, I pulled some finger muscles the other week, very painful I tell you.


  3. Love love loving the hair. Think this is the best 2inbetween" style I've seen. My mum gets it into her head to try and grow her crop out every 3-4 years or so. It usually lasts 8 weeks before she goes crazy....


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