Wednesday, 15 December 2010

New Hair: Bye Bye Blondie

I've been to the hairdressers this evening...see picture on the left ('scuse the quality, it was taken on my mobile). This picture is me prior to my new styling. When I originally had my hair cut short, back in April, it went from long silver blonde to short silver blonde, and although I've played with several tones, cuts, and even an undercut in my natural colour, the majority has remained blonde!

I've been craving a bit of a change for a while and initially, as I explained yesterday, I fancied going all-out ginger, I have the skin tone for it, but alas a colleague beat me to it. I then thought about an eye-burning Rhianna-red, but everyone, from Cheryl to the girl next door has opted for red. So I went for purple...

I've kept a white slice to funk it up a bit, and gone back to a slight undercut at the sides, leaving some length on top to play around with. I love the fact that if I flick it to the left I have a very asymmetrical-looking cut or I can sweep it to the right for a more mod and (strangely) a shorter looking hair style. When I quiff it up - peek-a-boo blondie! Although these pictures don't demonstrate very well - my hair is a deep purple colour, although the lighting on my landing makes it look quite red, I can assure you it is much less strawberries and cream and a lot more blackcurrant and cream.

Would love to know what you think - do you like my new look or did you prefer it all blonde? Anyone else tempted to try a radical new colour?


  1. Blackcurrent and cream indeed! Love it and it suits you so well. I love a new look to play around with xxx

  2. wow wow wow x251212 I LOVE IT! mind you, you always seem to have amazing hair. will be emailing you tonight about the nautical cardi:)xx

  3. LOVE it! You look bloody great with your gorgeous new hair :)

  4. It looks amazing!!
    Love the blonde bit peeking through. Great colour and cut.


  5. Ahhhh really funky, I love it! Such a pretty girlie :) Reminds me that I really need (cough, WANT) my hair done asap! xx

  6. Thank you for all your really lovely comments! x♥


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