Friday, 5 November 2010

My Fashion Rules

I've recently been contemplating rules. It occurred to me that most people have their own fashion rules. Some are age-old, common sense rules we all know; don't show legs and cleavage at the same time, horizontal stripes are no-no for those of use with curves, etc, but others a a bit more left field.

Here are some of my personal rules, I'm not saying everyone should abide by them, but this is just how I role...P.S. If I see you break these rules I won't hurl abuse at you, but inside I'll be screaming.

♥ Uggs should never be worn. Perhaps as slippers or for hung-over days, but never otherwise. They do not make skirts look cute, they aren't sexy. If you are going to spend the best part of £100 or more, get shoes that make your heart beat faster at the mere sight and make others fall at your feet. Not something that looks like it belonged to an ankle-less Eskimo.

♥ Crocs should also never be worn. For children under the age of 12, maybe, for adults...what are you thinking?! Some say they are comfy, but that is no excuse, my duvet is comfy but you don't see me wearing like a cape now, do ya?

♥ Brown and black are two separate colour palettes. I don't know where this particular rule came from but for as long as I can remember I have never worn the two colours together. In fact I can't abide them worn together. As a result I rarely wear brown (see: What I Wore posts for hard fast proof), as for me that would also require change of handbag and I don't often have the energy to empty its vast contents and repack into something co-ordinating. The exceptions to the rule are caramel and beige, which in my eyes don't sit in the brown scale, and leopard print, which in my world goes with anything.

♥ The same way brown and black don't get on in my fashion life, neither do gold and silver. I hate mixing metals, so I tend to wear one or the other. I am actually wearing my exception to the rule, a beautiful necklace comprising of two different coloured metals and I am wearing no other jewellery with it because I found making the decision whether it was more gold or more silver stressed me out too much.

♥ Leggings should be worn as tights. by this I mean the crotch and ass should never be on show. They are skin tight, thin and clingy, if you wouldn't wear tights out without ass coverage, don't do it with leggings, it ain't pretty.

♥ Never repeat an outfit within a week. To be honest I try to wear something completely different everyday, but I would never wear the same top, trousers, skirt, dress or jumper twice in one week. If the item is something really plain and layered up, you get a free pass, but completely repeating an outfit is out of the question.

And be careful rules can be catching...
One friend of mine won't wear green and brown together because she believes it makes her look like a tree. After alluding me to this I now can't bring myself to wear green and brown together either, oh dear, so easily influenced!

Do you follow any of the same rules as me? What are your personal fashion rules - I'd love to know?

FashionBandit x♥x


  1. Oh... I loved this post.

    I do have UGGS my mother in law bought me them last year an I only really wear them as slippers or to nip to the shops!

    ha ha xx

  2. great post, loving these rules!

  3. I have the tree thing too... I also dont wear Green eyeshadow with my Hazel eyes because it makes me feel 'woody' :D

  4. Haha - loving your replies ladies! Really made me laugh, so thank you :) xx


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