Saturday, 19 January 2013

Having a snow day...

Predictably, here are some photos of snow. 

We have had a bit of a snow day at our house, snuggled up watching some Smallville on DVD, a game of Monopoly (me and the man, not the cat!), and later a film and some pick and mix! I suppose it wasn't technically a 'snow day' because we were both actually meant to be off work, and didn't have to be anywhere.

My lovely little kitty-cat, Boots, is now nearly six-months old, so, (once she has had a little op, so we don't get a pile o' kittens....shhhhh, don't tell her) she will be going out soon. To start to get her used to the outside world we have been having little visits to the garden. On the safety of her harness and leash, of course.

She was a bit confused by all the cold white stuff, so after a few minutes of exploring and sniffing, we headed back into the warm.

Sorry, this should be all about cold-weather fashion, right? Nahhh. When I get cold, I get practical. So, here you will see me rocking a very sexy waterproof. Mmmmm.

Hope everyone has been enjoying the snow, or at least enjoying looking out at it from the warm! Has anyone not been able to work because of the weather? How did you spend your snow day?


  1. The snow is so pretty and sounds like you had fun. Your cat is so cute xx

  2. You're stunning , cute pics xx


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