Saturday, 5 February 2011

What I Wore: The First Hen

Sup people?!

A big thanks to everyone who entered my competition - I'll be drawing the very lucky winner later today :) Thank you for all the sweet comments about my last post re:my gran's coat too, it was lovely to hear about some other people's treasured hand-me-downs.

On to today's post:
This is what I wore to my friend's hen party. I can't actually believe it, my first friend is getting married. This is a whole new era of my life, wedding season. I guess I'm coming into the age where everyone starts settling down, buying houses, getting married and I suppose eventually...having babies. Cripes.

Anyhow my chum Kate will be the first one of all my friends to walk the aisle, so we had to see her off at a hen party! It was a very civilized affair, but it was in Liverpool so we all got dolled up - which is always fun. I've been feeling pretty crappy at the moment, a bit of a confidence crash really, not sure why. I'm not looking for sympathy, but it might explain why my hair is getting a drastic overhaul later today.

Anyhoos, what I wore:
♥Long-sleeved sparkle dress, Topshop. Got this in a sale over a year ago to wear to my sister's 21st. Was worried about wearing it again recently as I thought 'everyone has seen that loads' but I think it looks totally different without the long blonde hair!
♥ Henry Holland Chain Suspender Tights. Were on my Xmas wish list, and my wish was granted!
♥Leopard earrings. You might recognise these from this post, they were a Christmas present, I love the damn 80s-ness of these!

My hair is sooo long now (long for me) and you'll notice my hair has faded loads since I had it done purple before Christmas, it looks like a completely different colour! Lately I've been wearing it as above - curled and hairsprayed to oblivion - whenever I've gone out! Can't wait to get it sorted later today. Looking forward to chillaxed weekend otherwise. What about you guys?


  1. I love your hair in this post, it looks gorgeous. Know what you mean about time in your life- people I know seem to be getting engaged/pregnant left, right and centre just at the moment. Scary stuff!

    Lots of people seem to be having a confidence crash right now, maybe it's a new year/long winter thing. HEading into the final sem and I think this is the closest to panic I've ever been! Onwards and Upwards though....

  2. You look bloody gorgeous madam!

    I LOVE your hair like that :) What sort of overhaul are you planning?! I'm sure it'll look just as lovely, & hopefully it'll be just the thing you need to boost your confidence a bit..

  3. You look fab girlie :) your hair is really amazing, love how youve managed to add those gorgeous curls and va-voom it all up! I had my first hen night recently too, but it was only my step mums :p im still trying to work out who's gonna be first outa all my friends to get married. mind you, they all think it will be me :p xx


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