Saturday, 8 January 2011

A Belated Christmas Catch Up: Mega Post

Happy new year all!

I've missed you. Sorry about my absence, from Christmas Eve to just five days ago I was in full Christmas-time swing, jetting off around the country, catching up with my relatives and friends. It was bloody marvellous. And it feels like a million years ago!

On Christmas Eve I travelled with my fella, James, to visit his parents, just an hour away. We spent Christmas day and boxing day there, eating lots of lovely food, exchanging presents and playing games, it was lovely.
On the 27th I got the train some couple of hundred miles to visit my family up north. Caught up with all my family, lots more food and pressies and then had massive catch ups with all my friends. James met me there on New Years eve (he'd worked all week) so he decided to stay in and watch Jools Holland with my mum and dad while I partied with the girls. I came back on Monday and have been in work all week - I feel totally wiped!

As you know, I am currently sans camera so I've been waiting for various friends and members of family to email me some festive snaps to show you. Sadly only my mum has got round to it yet, so I only have got my hands on a couple of photos.

Me and James
 My sister Hannah, cousin Tom, me and cousin Sam

I got totally spoilt over Christmas and got lots of lovely presents, so thought I'd show you some of my faves...

I Love Your Style, style manual, from my friend Freya. Fabulous fashion book about different looks and styles.
Collins Complete Garden Manual, from my Mum & Dad. If you didn't know, I'm a bit green fingered. I grew some veggies last year and hope, with the help of this book, I'll be able to grow some more this summer.
Sex And The City 2, from James's parents. I know the film was not everyone's cup of tea, but it is my guilty pleasure, and what I love is this book catalogues every single one of Carrie's outfits from the film.
In Vogue, from my friend Steph. This beautiful book charts the history of Vogue, its rise to fame and shows lots of covers dating right back to the 1900s, amaze!

Polka-dot umbrella, from my boss. She knows my style, this super cute umbrella is perfect!
Bracelet hooks, from my friend Gemma. She knows how much jewellery I own, I just need somewhere to hang this sweet little hook.

 ♥ Fairisle waistcoat, from my Gran. She bought this from a boutique and had no idea on buying it, that it is sort of reversible. I say 'sort of' because you don't actually reverse it, you turn it upside down, the collar flips over and instantly instead of a black cardi with a white pattern, it becomes a white cardi with a black pattern. Too cool.
H&M jumper, from James' parents. Warm, snuggly, goes with everything.
Henry Holland chain suspender tights, from my Mum & Dad. I've wanted these for so long! They also got me the Henry Holland London city tights I've been coveting. And I laddered them the first time I wore them. I really hate myself. Gutted doesn't even come close.
♥ Trapper hat, from my Mum & Dad. Wanted one for ages, but not a brown one. 'Cos I don't like brown, innit. This one is perfecto.

I did very well on the jewellery front...
Skull earrings, from my Mum & Dad. I used to have some skull earrings, then I lost one. But these are even nicer.
Vintage earrings, from my Mum & Dad. They bought these for me went we went to an antiques place just before Christmas. I'll be visiting that place again, there was so much good stuff! Love these because they are so unusual.
Leopard earrings, from James' brother. If you look back a this post you'll see I asked Santa for some just like this. Happy girl!

Silver coloured necklace, from my Mum & Dad. Love this, the photo doesn't really do it justice. Expect to see to see it in a What I Wore post soon!
'A' necklace, from my friend Freya. So pretty! I believe this is from Urban Outfitters. I'll be layering this up with other necklaces, it looks good worn with...
Multi chained necklace, from my sister, Han. I think this is from Miss Selfridge and if you look at the second picture of me above, you'll see I'm wearing it, on the day I got it!

I'm a very happy girl! What did everyone else get for Christmas? I'm looking forward to catching up on some blog reading tomorrow. Expect more posts very soon, including my sales purchases, new years plans and a What I Wore.


  1. Wow!! you got some gorgeous things! the jewellery is beautiful, the vintage earrings are my fave.

    Happy New Year lovely. xx

  2. Looks like you got some great things :)

    That Fairisle waistcoat thingy is amazing - well done your Nan!

    Looking forward to reading more of what you've been up to soon :)

  3. wow- some lovely gifts. Feeling gift envy with the books- the SATC one sounds fab and the Vogue coffee table books are all amazing- I have the covers book which I adore.

    Amazing jewellery you've got going on too.


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