Wednesday, 12 January 2011

From the Sale Rail

I love a sale as much as the next girl. Actually probably a bit more than the next girl! I adore a bargain and am more than happy getting stuck into a sale rail, needless to say, January is often a big shopping month for me. I am still tight on the clothes fund, but I had a bit of Christmas money, so here is what I bought...

Top £2, Primark (was £5)
Dress £5, Primark (was £9)
Velvet skirt £3, Primark (was £7)
I'm not (too) ashamed to admit I love Primark all year round, but at sale time it is normally one of the places I really can't be bothered with. Primark on a normal day is like shopping in a sale frenzy. This time I left it until most of the sale was gone, which meant although I probably missed some of the best bargains, it also meant there was less to have to look through. I call it lazy sale shopping. Very happy with my finds though. The dress and top will be perfect for work and the skirt is in this season's must have fabric, velvet.

Blouse £15, Miss Selfridge (was £29)
Knuckleduster leaves £4.50, Miss Selfridge (was £9)
Knuckleduster skulls £4, Miss Selfridge (was £8)

In stark contrast to Primark Miss Selfridge's sale was possibly the most organised sale I have ever been to. It made sale shopping easy and a joy, even if the shirt wasn't quite as bargainous as I might have hoped, I think this is a good piece for the summer, until then I'll be layering it up. Loving my knuckleduster rings at the moment so these beauties will be added to my little collection.

Dress £15, River Island (was £39.99)
Checked shirt £15, River Island (was £35)

The River Island sale is always one of my favourite, unfortunately I was stuck at my parents when the sale started and the nearest RI was the size of a postage stamp. I still managed to find this gorgeous dress, which looks much better on (I promise), and was actually bought for me by my sister as a replacement present as a jumper she got me didn't fit. The shirt is possibly my most worn sale purchase so far, the picture doesn't really do it justice, but it looks great either open or tied at the bottom and I bought it a couple of sizes bigger so it is nice and baggy.

Striped skirt £10, H&M (was £19.99)

By the time I got to H&M there wasn't much left, but I did find this sweet skirt, which is a lovely shape and even though it has horizontal stripes, it is quite flattering. I like that it is nautical, a trend that rears its head every summer.

Henry Holland Tights £3.99 each, TK Maxx (were £12 each)
From last season, but you know I love me some Henry Holland. 'nuff said, cheers TK Maxx!

 What did everyone else buy in the sales? Any really good ones? What about disappointments?


  1. I love that RI dress it's gorgeous, bet it'll look fab on.
    You got some great stuff, I can't stop buying sale stuff, a top here, dress there. :) I've got a problem.


  2. Ooh some good buys there - I really like the grey Primark dress - very versatile, & such a bargain :)


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