Monday, 17 January 2011

What I Wore: The January Blues

 It would be fair to say I've got the January blues. Perhaps two weeks off work, most of which I spent catching up with family and friends up north, then having to return to normality and the town where I now live -sadly not-so populated by loved ones- hit me hard. But thankfully I've got lots of pretty things (read: clothes) to keep me amused. So here is a recent What I Wore, on a blue January a work day.

The deets:
♥ 'A' letter locket, Urban Outfitters. This was one of my Christmas presents, from my friend Freya, which I've worn loads already.
♥ Long cardigan, Zara. This black cardi makes a regular appearance in my posts, as does its sister, in navy blue, you just can't go wrong with a long cardi.
♥ Leather gloves, M&S. I did have red leather gloves prior to Christmas but they were battered, so these were a present from my Gran!
♥ Long scarf, River Island. this was actually a Christmas present from a year ago from my BF's brother - he buys good presents!
♥ Leather jacket, River Island. Probably one the best items I have ever bought. It cost me £60 (reduced from £120) the Boxing Day sale in River Island about four years ago, best £60 I ever spent as I wear it most days.
♥ Leopard print tights. Can't even remember where these are from, but I love my animal print so why not on tights too?
♥ Fringed boots, Topshop. I think these were £80 about three years ago, again a very trusty leather item, they come out every winter.
♥ Trapper hat, TK Maxx. You might recognise this from my Christmas blog post, as this was a present from my Mum & Dad, it is so warm!
♥ Grey ribbed dress, H&M. I bought this in the pre-Christmas sales for just £7, it is great for layering up, I know I'm going to wear it lots.
♥ Chain necklace, Diva, Miss Selfridge. Again, yet another Christmas present as featured in my present post, this time from my sister - who also has good taste!
Lots of exciting things coming up over the next couple of weeks, including the birthday of my blog,  a giveaway, plans for the future and more What I Wores. Until then, I've got lots of blog reading to catch up on....


  1. I LOVE those tights!! As a absolute huge fan of leopard print they are lush!
    Gorgeous outfit, love your style.


  2. awesome tights and hat, perfect for cold days =)


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