Sunday, 23 January 2011

Still trying to nail it

 Hello folks - thought I'd share some nail art with you from recently. I'm still getting the hang of it, painting details on the right hand is rather my weak point!


Top to bottom: Weather Symbols, Rock and Roll, Minty Leopard (on my sister!) and Slightly Studded.

I've really been enjoying playing with nail art again at the minute, going to be trying lots more WAH! inspired designs over the next few weeks so I'll post more pictures of my attempts. Has anyone tried the Model's Own nail art pens? Are they any good?

I've had a super hectic weekend in London celebrating a friend's birthday and then catching up with another friend on my way home. It was lovely - but I really don't like going into London, I hate the tube, and the sheer volume of people, oh and the fact everything is so bloody expensive! So back at home now and substantially poorer. What had everyone else done with their weekends?

Keep your eyes peeled - something fun will be on the blog later this week...


  1. Love the studded one. Very glam but still a bit rocky.
    I'm rubbish, I'll paint mine but that's about it, more patience doing others.


  2. I love the studs, they'd be ruined in an instant with the way I treat my hands though.

    Check out for the nail pens, Germ does loads of cool nail stuff. Happy Blog Aniiversary!


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