Wednesday, 26 January 2011


Happy birthday to my little blog, which is one today!

It has been an interesting first year of my blog, I feel like I have learn lots and still have much more to learn. I have also met some cool people. I started this blog as a way to share my love of fashion, and also to keep a sort of style diary for myself. After spending the previous year as a committed Flickr user, I wanted a new challenge and this was it.

Here is my year...

January 2010
I started the blog and confessed my love of cheap shoes. An addiction I still harbour.

February 2010
TK Maxx kindly asked me to take part in their Sport Relief bloggers challenge where I had to style up a charity Tee and win the adoration of Facebookers, sadly I was up against a seasoned blogger with an army of followers - at the time I had three - needless to say I didn't win, but it was fun and I found some cool people to follow in the process. In February I also became at Charnos tights tester which was fantastic because not only did they supply me with lots of funky tights, but I got to write about them too.

March 2010
Was probably my most exciting month, as Henry Holland chose my face to be one of just a small number of girls' pictures to appear on a limited edition bag and scarf in the H! by Henry Holland range at Debenhams. Safe to say I almost pee'd my pants when I found out. The coolest thing to happen to me. Ever.

April 2010
I modelled for a very cool photographer friend of mine, when he wanted to do some portrait shots for his portfolio. I enjoyed playing model for the day and also styled both my hair and makeup and the other model's, which was amazing.

May 2010
A big month for me, I went for the chop, and had my 24 inch long hair snipped into a very short crop. It was something I'd been dying to do for sometime and I'm still glad I worked up the courage to do it, everyone was really supportive, so thank you!

June 2010
I had to deal with my first nasty comment. Some bloggers might have disagreed with the way I handled it, but it was the only way I could face coming back to my blog: to tackle it head on. I like to think it gave me courage to continue doing my blog, the way I wanted to do it and not to give in to pressure.

July 2010
I confessed a dirty secret. We all have them, and mine was a disgusting beauty confession. I'm still trying hard not to sin in this area of my life!

August 2010
I got into my grove with What I Wore posts and even had a go a customising a tee - which has become a statement piece in my wardrobe, you've got to love a bargain DIY piece.

September 2010
In September I got asked by the lovely Accessorize to road test some of their beautiful new season pieces and got to play dress up with lots of really pretty things. A week later and I had worked seven sexy accessories into my outfits - much fun and much What I Wore posting!

October 2010
Not only did I get to see the result of my Henry Holland win, but I also showed you an amazing vintage dress I bought for just £2. Bargain-tastic.

November 2010
I confessed my personal fashion rules, some people agreed with me, some did not. I also completely freaked out about the blog. I feared I was unloved, yes a complete blogging taboo...I admitted I wanted people to read this blog. The shock, the horror.

December 2010
Not only did I embark on a mega posting marathon, with my fashion advent calendar, but I also said bye-bye to the blonde. After being many shades of blonde for the best part of four years I decided to go purple, and you guys seemed to like it because it was my most commented on post! It has now faded and I have lilac, you win some you lose some.

That was my blogging year. I'd like to thanks all my followers for your comments and your support. 
A special thank you goes to Kelly of Hair advice and all things nice, Ella of BelleVintage, Jo of Music, Fashion, Clutter and the mystery lady from Heart Shaped Bruise : you lovely ladies have been my most loyal commenters and I'd like you to know I appreciate you!♥

Tomorrow I have a special giveaway launching on the blog to celebrate my bloggerversary and it features two of the wonderful companies that have supported my blog and are mentioned above...exciting stuff! Stay tuned!

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  1. aww thanks for the mention lady! i love your blog and i know every post will be well written and informative, thats why i keep coming back. happy bloggerversary! xxxxx


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