Wednesday, 11 August 2010

DIY top

The original Tee

Saw this awesome Tee in the men's department at H&M for £3, it is from the Black Book collection. I particularly liked the slogan 'Get a face lift, or just be yourself'. I bought this with the intention of wearing it for my dance class over shorts but was inspired after googling t-shirt customisation methods so got a bit scissor happy...

Here is how I did it, be warned it is mind-numbingly easy...
  • Cut out the hem on the sleeves.
  • Cut the sleeves into thin strips towards the should stopping short of the shoulder seam.
  • 'Roll' the strips in your palms to encourage them to curl.
  • Finally I cut out the collar to give the shirt a more feminine fit.
I think i will wear this as above, over skinny jeans with my new boots, or perhaps tucked in a high waisted skirt or high-waisted jeans!

Any easy t-shirt DIY tips you'd like to share?

FashionBandit x♥x


  1. wow your top is amazing!
    i have been meaning to do something like this for ages but have been far too lazy lately
    however, you have inspired me to give it ago, i will let you know how it turns out xxxx

  2. I really like it! Definatley will have to try this *looks at bf with a look that says let me have a tshirt*

    N xx

  3. Haha - if he won't let you pinch one of his Miss N, check out the sale rails like I did - I'm sure you'll find something good!

    Have you given this a go yet Belle? Would love to know how it went? xx


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