Sunday, 15 August 2010

Inspired nails!

Hi folks! 

This is a random post today, but basically one of my favourite blogs Gem Fatale's Style Blog has really inspired me. Gem, of Gem Fatale, posted a tutorial on how to paint your nails with a leopard-print design using eyeliner (see it here) and sent me the link from Twitter. This in turn lead me to look up WAH Nails, who seem to be much to blame for many fashionistas going funky nail crazy...and boy-oh-boy after seeing those designs a new addiction was born.

Now please bear in mind I haven't painted my nails in patterns since I was about fourteen and all the below photos are of my first attempts...

Animal Print


Dots & Stripes
As recommended - the animal print were done using two coloured nail varnishes and black eyeliner, the other two designs were done using normal nail varnish, but details added using a clean eyeliner brush dipped in the varnish.

I know they aren't amazing but I'm hoping with a little practice they'll be looking Wah-a-licious soon! So here is my first nail designs post, and with a little luck and lots of practice, I hope to post some slightly less messy designs in the not-so-distant-future.

All that leaves me to say is - thanks Gem, for inspiring me!

When was the last time you were really inspired by another blog? I'd love to know what & whose posts have inspired other people to try out new looks!



  1. They look great - well done for giving it a go! I was inspired at the time too, but that quickly gave way to laziness & lack of motivation, which has led to me not attempting anything exciting with my nails yet!

  2. Yay! Well done, your leopard print looks truly wonderful!

  3. I love the strawberries.
    I haven't the patience to paint my nails, but love doing other peoples. Strange eh!


  4. i have been a tad obsessed with the wah nails blog tooo!
    your nails look fabulous, i wish i had longer nails xxx

  5. Thanks all! My nails are actually pretty short, I don't like the feeling of them when they are long, maybe the paint makes them look longer? I'm got some more fun designs coming soon. xx


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