Saturday, 29 May 2010

Chop chop!

So I mentioned a while ago on my twitter (@fashion_bandit) that I was going to have a radical re-style of my hair, so I wanted to share with you my new look, below.

You may ask why someone with very long hair would suddenly decided to have it all cut off. I had short hair (a mohawk!) when I was a student but I got bored of it after a couple of years so decided to grow it out. Almost exactly five years since my original short hair cut, I got bored of my long hair and summoned the courage to go for the chop again!

Prior to my new style...

And after...

It is quite a versatile cut, I can wear it several ways (I may do a post with some of the different ways the cut can be worn?) and it is so easy to look after. More than a month later, and although it could probably do with a trim, I'm still finding fun new ways to wear it! What do you think of my new look? Have you ever wanted to go short?

Until next time...

FashionBandit x♥x

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