Saturday, 30 January 2010

Some things you can't say no to!

At lunchtime today I nipped in Matalan to have a nosey around. I like Matalan shoes, because although sometimes you have to try a few styles before you find a really good fit, they have lots of killer heels and they always have a really wide selection of styles too. For somewhere between £12- £22 each, they are a fraction of the price you'd pay on the rest of the high street, and most importantly they really don't look it.

Anyway, back to today, as always, I headed for the shoe department only to notice there is a half price sale on lots of the shoes - fabulous! So I tried on about six pairs before settling on the above two styles to buy. Original retail prices £16 (Pink platforms) & £18 (Brown textured), they weren't actually marked down on the tags so I figured I should be getting a good bargain with one pair being reduced to £8 and the other £9...when I got to the till I found out they'd actually been reduced again to £4 and £4.50! Two pairs of shoes for under a tenner, yes please!

If you've not braved Matalan before, have no fear, head straight for the shoe department and if you love your heels, you won't leave empty handed.

Fashion Bandit x♥x

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