Saturday, 12 January 2013

Gorgeous Gifts

I have had a glorious few weeks away from my little blogging life. I had a lovely Christmas, a great new year and have thrown myself head-first into 2013. So now, I owe you a wee catch up. Although Christmas seems an age ago, ok, well, it sort of was, I still wanted to show you some of the fabulously fashionable gifts I was lucky enough to receive from my loved ones. Some of these - the Topshop necklace (from my brother-in-law-to-be), the fab grungy New Look Jumper (from my parents-in-law-to-be), the bright green handbag (from my parents), were specifically on my 'wishlist', which made me very happy, but the rest were wonderful surprises.

My man did particularly well, see the snood, the spiky-shouldered River Island top, the dangly star earrings and the 'It's a skin thing' moisturiser? All his work! He is a good 'un.

My Mum and Dad got me a lovely heap of presents, including that deliciously green bag, the sparkly earrings, the cute cosmetic mirror and the amazing Vogue prints. My granny bought me some lovely things too, and she was on a bit of a winning streak with those funky tights and the chunky bracelet. The Primark jumper dress is my first properly festive jumper- yay! That was from my lovely aunt and uncle, as was the cute delicate silver bracelet. The other gifts were from the rest of my family and my bestest girl friends...have you seen the WAH! book and nail studs?....Ah-maze!

I got lots of other non-fashiony gifts too, so I was really spoilt. Oh and I wanted to put the totally brilliant onesie my sister got me in this post, but, erm...I am wearing it. Cosy times.

Anyhow hope you all had a great Christmas, what were your fave presents you got this year? Hope you are all wrapped up safe and warm at home in all this miserable weather!

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