Monday, 26 July 2010

Ebay - it has all got to go!

The Boy has been complaining I have too many shoes, clothes, accessories and generally that my fashion collection is taking up too much of our house (only one and half rooms, what is his problem?)

Anyhoo, to calm him (and make room for more new things ;) !)I am going to be selling lots of lovely things on Ebay. I've not Ebay-ed for an absolute age so starting slow with the following items, but keep your eyes peeled, mre gorgeousness coming soon!

Gold peep-toe, sling-back high heels, UK size 7, From New Look.
(Only ever worn once) Bidding starts at 99p! See auction here.

Hand pendant Indian-inspired fashion necklace, from Dorothy Perkins.
Bidding starts at 99p! See auction here.

Tribal necklace with leather 'chain' and pendants.
Bidding starts at 99p! See auction here.

If you see anything you like have a bid!

FashionBandit x♥x


  1. Ooh loving all that jewellery - gorgeous bits there! However, I'm meant to be having a clear out myself, not buying more things.. hmm, we'll see how that goes..!

    I've just come across your blog & am loving it already, so I'm going to follow you :)

  2. Gotta tell you: the word verification word on my previous comment, was 'guilt'. It's like they knew I was thinking of going & having a look at your eBay items & needed reminding..!

  3. Haha! Made me laugh so much! I think you should go and look at the Ebay things - most are only 99p - you can't argue with that sort of value ;)

    Thanks for following, going to go and have a mooch over at your blog too. x♥

  4. I always sell my stuff on ebay at the end of the season and re-invest the money I make into my new season wardrobe. Good luck I will check out your listings xoxo


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