Friday, 19 November 2010

What I Wore: Those Pink Tights

I don't know about you but I've really been enjoying wrapping up this month - ahh Autumn. A chance to pull out all my cosy hats, gloves, scarves and jackets has been welcomed - plus my tights are well and truly back out - thankfully. Thought I'd show you how I layered up for the cold today as well as how my outfit looked once I got inside the office (admittedly I was tempted to keep the woollies on - our heating isn't working too well at work!).

Here is what I wore:
♥ Pink Henry Holland (Pretty Polly) Over-The-Knee-Sock tights. I have to say, these tights rock my world. I got them last year when they were first launched, they are the predecessor to the very popular suspender ones from this season, of which I still crave a pair.
♥  Black knitted dress. From H&M, one of the best dresses I have ever owned - it has a very low back so when worn with just sheer tights it is a good evening dress (although not for a night out dancing - no one want to dance in a knitted dress!), or I layer it up for the day.
♥ Long grey cardi, River Island. Because of its length I feel like it helps dress down this outfit and make it a little more work-wear appropriate.
♥ Trainer heels, I honestly can't remember the name of the shop these are from! Suffice to say it is a very cheap shop and they only cost me £20. I bought them for a dance performance but I find them quite handy for the occasional work day.
♠ My short sleeved coat is from River Island. I bought this in a sale about 4 years ago, I love the shape and sparkly colour.
♠My scarf is also from River Island, it was a present from my boyfriend's younger brother for Christmas last year - and it goes with just about all of my wardrobe.
♠ The baggy black hat is H&M and I've had it for a few years.
♠ My gloves are particularly special as my younger sister bought them for my when she went travelling around South America over the summer, they are Peruvian and super warm!

I hope you are all keeping warm - what are you enjoying wearing at the minute?



  1. Thanks for the comment. If you don't mind me asking, I was just wondering how easy it was for you to get work in journalism after you'd finished studying it?
    Love this outfit, by the way. the tights are rather amazing x

  2. Love this outfit, the tights are amazing and you look great!
    Similar style to me, love the baggy, layered look.


  3. I really enjoy your blog and your style! Your hair is so awesome!


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