Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Fashion Advent Calendar: Day 15

Day 15.
Something comfy and chic for you...

This jade 'Jaipur' embroidered cotton tunic is £55 from Monsoon. I could see many a celeb-type wearing this top with trews and a pair of shoe boots. In fact I'll be hunting for some big slouchy tops like like in the post Christmas sales.

Getting my hair cut tonight - it has been 9 1/2 weeks since I last had the barnet spruced! I have literally no idea what I'm going to have done - I'm seriously bored of it at the minute. I did quite fancy going ginger, but then a lady I work with has gone ginger (it is a small team), so I thought maybe Rhianna red, then I went out last weekend and every third person had Rhianna red hair. So who knows what I'll end up with...I'll keep you posted.

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