Monday, 28 November 2011

Dressing up games

Alright lovelies! I promised I'd share some more of those Ian Jamieson photos I had done...and here is the next set! The Read All About Me set of images were done specifically for my blog publicity - but this set were really just for fun.

This is a dress that James bought me for my birthday, when a jumpsuit he originally chose for me didn't fit. We chose this together on our little shopping trip to Westfield Stratford. Hard to tell from a photograph - but the colour is a lovely rusty orangey-red - and surprisingly it is from Topshop. I say surprisingly, because I normally don't buy from Topshop unless during a sale-rail scenario, my pocket just can't afford it. The thick material on this dress, also means I'll be able to wear it throughout winter.

In the top two photos I paired this dress with a River Island belt bought a couple of years ago, a ring from Past Times, and my M&S leopard print tights which you might remember from my previous post.

After looking at the first photos in the back of the camera I thought I looked a bit manly, although photographer Ian kindly said he liked the androgynous Peter-Pan look I had going on. Anyhow, I decided to girl-up my look a bit...

I changed my belt for a vintage 80s one that was my mum's, a necklace from Topshop that my sister bought me for my birthday, and an Accessorize silk scarf. I felt much happier in this combo, and truthfully this is more like how I'd style this dress for 'actual' wearing.

I believe Desperate Scousewives is just starting, it will be like going home - did you know I'm from that neck of the woods? ...well I'm actually from Liverpool's more reserved cousin, Southport. But my Dad is scouse, born 'n' bred. Liverpool is in a league of its own when it comes to style - the girls wear their tan thick, their hair big and their heels high. There is no where more glamorous. And that thing about the girls wearing rollers to go shopping, it isn't a joke. Just read this column I wrote in February this year...regardless I won't be watching Desperate Scousewives, I can't be doing with these fake reality programmes. Scenes created for entertainment purposes - purrlease.

I've got one more set of photos from the fabulous Ian Jamieson to show you, but I might share them at the weekend. What do you think of these shots? Which look do you prefer?...And did you watch Desperate Scousewives?


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