Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Daisy Chain pt1

Say 'hello' to Daisy, she's gorgeous, isn't she? I had the absolute pleasure of styling her at a recent photo-shoot and wanted to share some of her finished pictures with you.

Daisy Welch is an aspiring model and booked me as a stylist for her very first professional photo-shoot. I know - hard to believe she has never been photographed isn't it?! We spent some time together prior to her shoot, going through magazine clippings we'd both collected and discussing the different looks we were going to try and achieve at her session with Ian Jamieson.

As Daisy was on a portfolio building mission we wanted to get several very different looks shot to show off her versatility.

This shot was based on a high-end glossy mag shoot. Jewellery shots are always fun to do and (like the top picture) gave her a chance to play with interesting hand/arm shapes, and these work as a great close up too. Here we just piled a load of my jewellery on - I love the look, and am now wondering if I could get away with this for everyday wear. Actually, altogether the jewellery was quite heavy, so maybe not...


This was our 'legs' shot, as we chose this playsuit because to really made the most of Daisy's amazing pins. Barefoot this gorgeous girl is already 6ft, so she doesn't normally wear heels, because of this my collection came in handy, and these beauties added a good few inches on to her already impressive height!

This is one of my favourites - it was inspired by a photo we found of Cher Lloyd in purposely laddered tights. Daisy loved the look so we grunged her up a bit and the mega phone was a last minute prop found in the studio, but I think it makes the picture.

I also did Daisy's hair and make up on the day - something I've done for my own shoots, but never before for someone else's, which was fun, and a real learning experience.

Photography: Ian Jamieson
Model: Daisy Welch
Styling, hair & make-up: Alex @Creative Kick
Studio: Saracen House

I've got another couple of looks we shot to show you in part two of this post coming soon - so keep your peepers peeled.

What do you think of the shots? Would you wear any of the looks outside of a fashion shoot?


  1. Like the first two images best, for me the legs shot just misses the mark although I can see where you're coming from. I'm not a Cher Lloyd fan but it's a good shot.

    Looking forward to part deux :-) x

  2. Aah, she's beautiful, how amazing to be a part of launching somebody's career. :)

    Laddered tights are one of those things that look amazing in photographs but crap in real life. Fab picture!

    Emily x

  3. Gorgeous pictures, love the styling.
    Think the second shot is my fave, the lighting is gorgeous.


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