Tuesday, 3 July 2012

What I Wore: Jump(suit) for Joy

A very happy midweek to y'all. Tuesday is officially my dullest day of the week - not the start of a fresh week, but with still a fair few days before the weekend. So I thought I'd bring you a sunny outfit on this dull Tuesday!

Thank you for all the lovely comments on my previous post about the joys of pin curling. In this outfit post you can see what my pin curl sets generally look like on second day wear. While the first day the curls are quite tight and circle the whole head, after sleeping on them for a second night (without any pinning) this is the style I am left with. I just brush the back and right-hand side into a flick and brush the left side to keep the curls.

This is my 'new' vintage jumpsuit you might remember from my Rummage for Vintage post. Yes, my dad may think I look like I work in a garage, but I decided to try and move away from that look by glamming up my new piece. Oh and I'm working the ultimate accessory, my mum & dad's Italian Spinone - the slobbery, but very lovable, Dexter.

What I Wore:
Jumpsuit, £18, Vintage.
Heart sunglasses, £4, Vintage. 
At least I think they were about £8. From a vintage shop, only bought these this summer, they are bit of fun, aren't they?
Leopard print shoes, £5, New Look. 
These were from a sale, you may remember them from here. They are just a small kitten heel, and are the lowest heel I own, but are great for day wear.
Leopard print belt.
To match the shoes!  Can't remember where this was from, it might have been New Look, but it is a favourite.
Blazer, New Look.
This blazer is actually jersey material, and I really like that it mixes the formality of a structured jacket with what is normally a casual fabric.
Necklace, Outfit. 
I've had this for years and although I know I bought it from Outfit, I can't remember which brand, it might have been Dorothy Perkins, or Miss Selfridge. I like its boldness - and that it is shorter than many of my other necklaces, ideal for wearing with things like this.
Clutch bag, Topshop. 
This was a present from my sister, and although it is something I would have never chosen myself, 
its unusual pattern means it goes with EVERYTHING, and it has an impressive capacity. Win, win!
♥ Hair flower, H&M. 
Simple and pretty, this flower has both a hair clip and a brooch pin, plus it was super cheap.

I think my jumpsuit is going to get lots of wear, so I'm trying to think of other ways to style it. Perhaps for a night out, unzipped a bit with a bralet underneath or layered up with a long sleeved top, or Tee underneath and cardi for cooler months, or when it is really warm with the legs rolled up.

Any other ideas of ways to wear a jumpsuit? How do you wear yours, if you have one?

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