Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Fashion Advent Calendar: Day One

Welcome to the first day of my fashion advent calendar, where I'll be showing you something gorgeous and stylish you can buy for yourself (or, if you must, someone else) before Christmas day.
That is right, 25 days with a fashion fix everyday. I'm good to you.

Let's open the first door...*creaking noise* (it is an old door)

This heart patterned chunky hat is from Accessorize and is £18 - perfect for keeping warm in the snow!
I love the fact this looks like it has been hand-knitted by a loving granny. If fact you could always tell people your granny knitted it for you, or even better, your boyfriend has taken up knitting and created it as a symbol of his love. Either which way, I think it is pretty cute.

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