Wednesday, 1 December 2010

This is me

For the most part I like to keep my off-line life and my blogging life sort of separate, but I feel like I should open up a little more so here are four things that are consuming my life at the minute.

♥ Work: 
As you might know - I write for a regional glossy as the senior features writer, which is a job I love. I get to do a bit of everything, I write fashion, beauty, food, travel, lifestyle, and local features. I get to meet cool people and every day is different. But I've always wanted to write a fashion column. So I was very happy four weeks ago when my own fashion column got the green light to be published in the newspaper based in the same office. I'm loving putting it together every week and it is just as personal as my blog - in some ways probably more so.

♥ Cars:
I am very lucky that when I turned 21 (four yeas ago...shhh!) I got a little car. It was very cute and has never broken down on me, but because it was an old car it has gradually been getting more and more expensive to run - my last MOT cost me more than the car is worth! So with this in mind I decided to start to look for something new. I've been the most excited girl ever this week as I got my new car and it is a sexy little convertible. Major thanks to my parentals for helping me find, and get, my new car. Sure I'll be paying for it for the next four years, but I don't care because it is bloody awesome.

♥ Home:
The boy and I have been thinking about buying our own place, we currently rent and financially it is killing us. Plus we've been together for a hundred years, and he said he won't marry me until we have bought a house. So I would quite like to get on that. Luckily he doesn't read my blog so it is safe to say these things, that is unless one of you track him down and tell him. No? I didn't think so.

I have no camera, while setting up for a recent What I Wore post it fell off the table while it was turned on. My camera is well and truly screwed. Not sure whether I can claim on my house insurance  but it has really annoyed me. What with the new car I'll be paying for for the rest of my twenties I can hardly afford to buy myself a new point & shoot. For the time being I'm borrowing the bf's camera, which I handily bought him for his birthday six months ago. His camera is better than mine, but it also it means I can't just steal it whenever I like, so I'm trying to think up a master plan as to how I can get some dosh to buy a new camera. Anyone want to buy a kidney?*

So that is me and where I'm up to. Feel like you know me a little better? I hope so.

*It is a joke. I don't really want to sell my kidney. Or any other part of my body. Ok?


  1. Oh, I liked this post very much. I always like to know a bit more behind the Blogger :)

    Hope you guys get a place son then hee hee

    My boyf reads my Blog all the time and I get all shy ha ha xx

  2. It's great to know more about you, gets us to know you better.

    What newspaper is it? I live in Bedfordshire so might be able to pick it up. How exciting well done you.

    Sucks on the camera front, sure you would be able to claim on the insurance, it'll make it go up though, would have thought.


  3. i definitely like to hear a little more about the girlie behind the blog! its dead interesting, especially your job! congrats on the fashion column, thats amazing! how exciting that you are thinking of buying a house with the boy! my boyo neeeever reads my blog too ha xx

  4. great post!
    its dead interesting to find out about the real people behind blogs!

    Im currently snowed under with uni work, but dont worry i havnt forgotten about your email

    I will reply soon!



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