Sunday, 19 December 2010

Fashion Advent Calendar: Day 19...and snow!

It is a very snowy, day 19 of my fashion advent calendar.
And I've got something suitably warm for you today...

This afternoon I could have done with this cosy Soul Cal cable knit hood scarf thingamajig, which is £26.99 from Republic. But then again most of us could have done with one of these, non? I've seen quite a few of these hood/scarf crossbreeds around this year and I really like them. The pom poms on this equal extra brownie points in my book.

As I said yesterday, I was meant to be going on a night out last night, needless to say I didn't because of all the snow, here in Buckinghamshire we've had about 6 or 7 inches. So today I had a nice long lie-in before my fella and I went for a walk around our village in the snow...

 That is us, in the snow.

I was fully kitted up, leggings, thermal long-sleeved top, jeans, jumper, two pairs of socks, two pairs of gloves, scarf, ski-jacket, snow boots and woolly hat. OTT, maybe, but I despise being cold. 

After our walk we visited a pub down the road from us that has just reopened after a major refurbishment. It now looks amazing and we had a delicious lunch of sausage and onion butties and chips. Afterwards we returned home and watched a Muppet Christmas Carol, and now I'm cooking us a roast dinner. A pretty wonderful day!

My boss was meant to fly to Australia today for Christmas and her flight has been cancelled which is horrible. I know it has caused lots of people major travel problems. I'm a bit worried about getting to work tomorrow. My car is certainly not built for this sort of weather, being little and rear-wheel drive, just look at the poor thing...


Can you see the icicles having off the underneath?! Unsurprisingly I won't be driving it to work tomorrow unless all the snow happens to melt overnight. Hopefully my friend will be coming to pick me up in her more snowy-road-worthy car...fingers crossed.

Stay safe and warm you lot!


  1. one word GUTTED! This snow is doing my head in!!!
    shame about your night out :( xx

  2. Beautiful and such an unusual piece of art! This is a unique item that I have never seen anywhere else and I would get such a lot of compliments wearing it! Plus its so warm and cosy looking and of course, bang on trend!! Wow. So jealous of these great items you have on here!!


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