Saturday, 18 December 2010

Fashion Advent Calendar: Day 18

 Day 18 of my fashion advent calendar.
And if I was being sensible I'd show you some snow boots...

Yep. Not feeling that sensible. Actually I'm in a rotton mood as I was meant to be out partying tonight and the bloody snow has stopped me. I bought a new dress and everything. If I was going out, I could only dream of wearing this gorgeous Idol leather boobtube dress with stud detail, which is £79.99 at New Look. I LOVE this dress, sexy and slick, it is the sort of dress I could see Gaga or Beyonce in.

Still miserable about my ONLY night out for Christmas being cancelled, so going to go have a bath with some of the fabulous Soap & Glory products I bought yesterday. Has the snow scuppered anyone else's plans?


  1. loving the texture of this dress:) such a party dress! will hoepfully be heading the post office tomoz to post your top xxx

  2. Absolutely stunning dress! Would go with any colour, any fabric and my other half would love it as much as I would!! Plus, you would still be warm when wearing it out (in this current climate!). Wow. Bang on Trend!
    Good Luck girls!! x
    Have a Cool Yule. Stay Safe!


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