Friday, 17 December 2010

Fashion Advent Calendar: Day a Beauty Bargain


Day 17 of my fashion advent calendar - lovely fashion items every day in December, right up 'til Christmas!
You guys bored of this yet? Don't worry, just seven more days to go! 
Today (although, admittedly a little later than I anticipated) I bring you something panto inspired...

Don't these look just like something the Wicked Witch of the West or the Evil Queen would wear? Camp, yes. But at the same time rather badass. These 'Twine Fine' shoes are £88 from Office, and I think they are rather lush, but I would hazard-a-guess that they hurt like hell too. Pain is beauty and all that.

On to other things, it is a Friday, woop! And just a week until the big fella in the red suit does his thing, woop! Just five days of work left for me before some proper time off (at a quick tally, I get ten beautiful days), which I'm really looking forward to. One of the girls, who is really lovely, is leaving work and we had the idea to get her this...

It is the gift of the week this weekend at Boots, and this cute tote 'Pink Big' contains £60's worth of Soap & Glory products for (shhhhh...) just £25! I am a massive S&G fan so I not only got one for my friend as part of her team leaving present, but also bought one for me. Naughty, I know. But a deal like this is too good to miss, even if it is the week before Christmas, it will save me money in the long run as three of these products I buy regularly, and would normally set me back around the £25-mark for the three.

The reusable tote contains...
Clean On Me: A creamy clarifying sower gel. I've never used this before, but the promise of a 'built-in' body lotion sound like my idea of heaven.
The Righteous Butter: A super softening shea butter moisturiser. I love this product, not only does it smell amazing but is nice an gentle on delicate little flowers like myself.
♥ Flake Away: (with my favourite tag line, 'It might be fine if her friends are flaky, but a lady's legs should never be') This sugar scrub is the business. End of.
♥ Girligo: A spray-on body moisturising mist. Never tried this one before, but it smells just like The Righteous Butter, so I guess this is the light version for girls-on-the-go!
♥ Glad Hair Day: An ultra-shine daily shampoo. Looking forward to giving this a go, it smells fruity fresh and promises to be kind to coloured hair.
♥ The Breakfast Scrub: Another body scrub, this actually smells good enough to eat and contains oat, shea butter and sugar. 
♥ Scrub Your Nose In It: A pore-cleaning face scrub, that can be used as a mask as well. I'll be interested to see whether this helps clear up my currently blemish-ridden skin.
♥ Super Colour Sexy Mother Pucker: A lip plumping gloss, in Pink Apricot. I've tried the XXXL version of Sexy Mother Pucker and to be frank, it was so powerful my lips almost fell off. I'm hoping the 'tingle' will be a little milder on this one. Pretty colour, though.
♥ Hand Food: A sexy and delish (don't actually eat it!), hand cream. It is essentially the Righteous Butter for hands. Love it.
♥ Off Your Face Wipes: 25 cleansing, toning and smoothing cloths, with a acid-free pore shrinking ingredient.
♥ Giant Super Sudsy Shower Puff.

All-in-all a bit of a bloody bargain. The offer is only on until Monday - so go grab one before they all sell out, would make a great Christmas present for a lucky friend, sister, or mum...or for yourself. ;)

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