Friday, 8 June 2012

What I Wore: A Jubilee Picnic

I hope everyone had a cracking Jubilee weekend, and those of you who are off this week, I hope you've made the most of it, despite the miserable weather!

I had quite a busy bank holiday weekend I visited two Jubilee fun days, where I was may wonder what good is a journalist/copywriter/stylist at a fun day, but my other little business is as a face painter. So I spent six hours of the weekend up to my eye balls in children, and with my hands completely covered in paint. The rest of the weekend was spent doing a bit of relaxing at home with my man, and we ventured out to a local 'big picnic' event. Sadly the rain got the better of us, so after consuming our picnic at the speed of light we headed home to watch the first two Alien films in preparation for seeing Prometheus.

In honour of HR I dressed entirely in red, white and blue and with a 50s twist, all weekend. I even tried pin curls for the first time, which I now sort of love. I think I'll post about that at another time though, if you are interested?

Here is what I wore to our Jubilee picnic;
♥ Stripey blue dress - vintage. I bought this a few years ago, and I honestly can't remember which vintage shop it was from, to could have very well been Beyond Retro. I could do with investing in one of those mahooosive underskirts, but every time I see one for sale they are about £40 - anyone know where I can get one a bit cheaper?
♥ Red cardigan - Primark. Almost threw this out last year after a 'wardrobe consultant' told me the shape didn't suit me. Glad I didn't.
♥ Red, white and blue chain print scarf - vintage. One of my ever-growing collection of scarves!
♥ Pumps - Primark. These were just £3, I also have them in grey, super comfy and handy for the summer.
♥ Red Belt - M&S. I used my new leather punch to create a new hole, as it was a bit on the big side, but worn this lots.
♥ Jacket - H&M. I bought this seven years ago, it was a present to myself when I finally plucked up the courage to have all my hair cut off (the first time around). I like that it can be slung in the washing machine, which, being white, it needs quite frequently.
♥ Brooch. This was a present from my aunt and uncle, no idea where it is from, think it was a small craft-type place.
♥ Everything else - Hard to tell, but I am wearing 3/4 length denim-look leggings, which are from QS. My lipstick is Elizabeth Arden. The picnic basket belonged to my Nan & Grandad, it even has plastic cups and plates strapped to the inside, old school!

Hope you had fun what ever you go up to. 
Did anyone else dress for the occasion?

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