Wednesday, 12 September 2012

I've got specs-appeal

Did you know, I wear glasses?

Well I do, and now you know. I have the joy of being short sighted, so at the cinema, when I'm driving and when I'm watching TV, I have to whip out my specs. I've had glasses since I was about 11-years-old, when I started secondary school and realised I couldn't see the board at the front of class unless my face was pressed up against it.

Unsurprisingly, for years my glasses ranged from nerdy-to-horrific. You may think - why not try contacts? I did, and we didn't get on...there was a lens-stuck-in-eye-incident I'd rather forget. It wasn't until about four or five years ago that I finally got a pair of glasses I liked. They were a pair of those very square heavy-framed over-sized glasses, from Jasper Conran at Specsavers. They were actually a men's frame and I got them before folk who didn't need glasses started wearing the style.

For the first time I actually didn't mind being seen in my specs. A little while later I came across Lensway. I heard about an offer they were promoting where they gave several thousand pairs of free prescription glasses away to new customers in one evening. After checking out their website I was pleasantly surprised by the ranges on offer, especially their retro styles. During this offer I managed to bag myself a 'free' pair and just had to pay postage - so I got a pair of glasses for about a tenner. I was concerned that just putting my prescription into the website and ordering without trying them on, I might end up with specs that either wouldn't suit me, or that weren't right for my eyes. I needn't have worried, they were perfect. I'd chosen a 50's style winged pair by a designer called Derek Cardigan.

With my first pair of Lensway glasses proving a hit, I became a Facebook fan, and recently entered a competition to win a free pair, and won. (They run weekly comps over on the Lensway Facebook page, so worth a follow!) It had been a couple of years since I bought my first pair from the company but I was glad to find that they still stocked designs by Derek Cardigan, and this time opted for a Mad Men-esque heavy-browed 50's/60's style in brown tortoiseshell, which retail at £89. With my competition-win voucher I just paid for the postage. Even without my bargainous wins I think the designs on the site are very reasonably priced - and there are plenty to choose from. The glasses come with a hard case, a soft cleaning cloth and even a handy little double-ended screwdriver on a keyring, ideal for adjustments.

I think it is also worth mentioning that if you order glasses, they arrive and are not right, you don't like them or change your mind, you can return them for free. Also, I was not paid or compensated to write this blog post. I just won a competition and have been really impressed by the products and service, so wanted to share the love. If you are spexy - you should go check 'em out.

Anyone else tried Lensway? Where do you buy your glasses? Any other sites you'd recommend?

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