Wednesday, 29 August 2012

What I Wore: Keeping the Faith

I struggled to think of a title for this blog to describe this outfit? Sometimes I title my 'What I Wore' blog posts with a reference to what I was doing the day I wore the pictured outfit - but in truth, the day I wore this I just went shopping with my man. No especially interesting. So a nod to the crosses on my new top it is!

I normally avoid wearing any sort of crucifixes or religious symbols/images because I am not a religious person, so I am unsure how I feel about it. Crucifixes seem to be everywhere in fashion at the moment, including inverted crosses ( the cross of Saint Peter or a sign of Satanism - argue amongst yourselves, I'm not getting involved).

When USC contacted me and kindly offered me a top from their website, I was (regardless of my religious symbol fear) drawn to this one. I liked the shape and the sheer back, which sexes up this day-T-shirt. I also think the sheer back panel avoids the top making me look too chunky - as this shape sometimes can. I also  get the feeling this is also the sort of top that will just look better the more it is washed and worn, to give it a nice retro feel.

I haven't shopped at USC since I was a student, as there was a store in Preston where I went to uni. I was pleasantly surprised when I checked out their website, there are some great brands like Firetrap, Miss Sixty and House of Dereon, and at good prices. In the women's tops section you'll find everything from casual tees, dip hems, and cute collared shirts to bustiers, vests and peplum styles. You can find my top, which is £22 from Abandon, here.

Having some work related drama currently and I have lots of posts partially done sat on my blogger dashboard, hence why it has been a bit quiet on the western front, but I'll be back on form soon. Promise.

So what do you think of my new top? Where do you stand on fashion-crucifix? Have you shopped in USC or on their online store recently and what did you think?

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