Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Wish Upon a Star

Before I went on holiday I was very kindly invited to the Amazon Christmas Wishlist press event. I get invited to a few press events, but sadly living in Milton Keynes, I can't afford to travel to London very often. The week before my hols I happened to be in London for a day, so I checked my inbox for invites and a couple of press days just happened to be going on at the same time.

One of these was Amazon. I have never been to an Amazon press event before, and I was contacted by the fashion PR team - so was excited to see what they had to offer. I don't know about you, but I have never really considered Amazon for fashion before. CD, books and DVDs? Yes. Games, electronics and toys? Yes. But fashion? Nope, not something I'd thought of...

When I arrived I loved the set up of the room, each department was housed in cardboard Amazon boxes, all facing into the centre of the room. In each department was a host of new-season products (for the lead up for Christmas), and experts including buyers and PRs for each category.

I was thoroughly impressed by the womenswear, they have got some fab brands, including some smaller British brands. I have made a collage of my favourite pieces, which you can see at the top of this post. The clothes that really caught my eye were the above cute fox jumper from Sugarhill Boutique (the tail goes around onto the back!) and the pretty Alice Hannah pearl and lace collar, which is an AW take on the detachable collar trend.

The jewellery and watch department was also full of lust-after items, including the above two watches, one from F***Me I'm Famous, which is David Guetta's brand and is a bit of a punch-in-the-face colour, which I like. The other is a unisex LTD RXTR black and rose gold watch, which is a collaborative design with LTD and Taio Cruz.

The quirky jewellery may have been a little out of my price range, but I still wanted to show you some of my favourite items. House of Harlow had some really unusual pieces, including the pictured 'arrow' ring, while Ted Baker's collection centred around rocking horses, in a rose gold which is really pretty. The last item is a Jenny & Jimbob 'Cleavage' necklace - and I am all for punny jewellery! 

On my way out of the press show I was given a press gift. In the past I have been given some strange press gifts at various events, a maraca, a cookbook written by a rugby player and more stress-balls than I could ever use. But I think the Amazon press gift surprised me more than any of these, and although it wasn't strange, it was quite unexpected...a Kindle! As a big reader I have wanted a Kindle for ages, but I've not been able to afford one, so I was a very happy bunny, thank you Amazon! I've bought myself a cover, a screen protector, a book light and downloaded a couple of books, safe to say, I am a convert.

What do you think of my Amazon wishlist choices? Have you ever used Amazon for clothing, watches or jewellery? Anyone else been to any good press days?

**starting price, different sizes available

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