Wednesday, 8 August 2012

What I Wore: In Edinburgh

I am back!

After a much needed holiday in Scotland I have returned home...sadly I have returned to a missing cat - which you'll know if you follow me on Twitter! While the hunt for Fizzy continues thought I'd do a post to show you some of my holiday wardrobe.

Of our two weeks, we spent the first in Edinburgh - which was ace. In our merry party was myself, James and my two cousins. I've never been to the city before, and thought it was beautiful. We did all the things good tourists do, visited the castle, ate deep fried Mars Bars, drank in pubs, took hundreds of photos. We were camping just on the outskirts of Edinburgh so I got re-acquainted with public transport as we got the buses back and forth. One day we even headed to the beach, had a picnic and found some WWII submarine shipwrecks! We even managed to hook a laptop up to our phones to watch some of the Olympics opening ceremony, but most nights our entertainment consisted of beers for the boys, board games and poker.

Above is a selection of the outfits I wore over the five full days we had there, and as you can see - we got some pretty good weather, considering. My camping 'wardrobe' consists of lots of layering to weather proof my outfits, oh and a wide selection of comfy shoes for sightseeing!

I'll do another post later this week featuring outfits from the second half of our holiday, when we swapped camping for the glamour of a holiday home to die for...

What have I missed over the past couple of weeks - bar the Olympics? Has anyone else been on holiday? How did you make your holiday wardrobe work for you?

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