Friday, 20 July 2012

What I Wore: Filming Fashion

 'scuse the posing face...

Yesterday I did some filming for the latest instalment of Fashion TV MK. 'What is Fashion TV MK?' I hear you ask. I'm glad you asked... one of my freelance projects - I present a series of online video segments featuring stores from a Milton Keynes shopping centre. If you want a laugh at my cringe-inducing efforts the link is here. You. Are. Welcome.

The new videos I filmed this week won't be up there until next month. Anyhoos, this is what I wore for filming. I always feel a bit of pressure in choosing what to wear for this, after all I am dispensing fashion 'expertise'. As we were filming for Autumn, I felt inspired to darken my wardrobe and as purple looks to be a key colour for next season I thought it was an ideal time to wear my 'new' vintage shirt.

These fringed leggings I bought last summer, from Topshop. They are a bit more interesting that your average sort, and they cost me about £8 in the sale - I think they dress up any outfit. The necklace was from Dorothy Perkins, I'm sure I've written about it before, because it is one of my favourites. My ankle boots are from M&S - another sale bargain from Christmas.

The final accessory is this spiked awesome earring-thing. I have a couple of these - er what would you call them? Earrings, cuffs, ear hooks? Ok, ear-accessories (ha!). I really like the spiked metal bit that pops over your ear - the dangly spike is actually plastic, not that you can tell until you touch it. It is surprisingly comfortable to wear too, I had it on all day and it was more comfy than my traditional dangly-type earrings. When my hair is down the chain and spike hang just below my bob - but with my hair tucked behind my ear, or pinned back, is the best way to show it off. It was sent to me by an American website called Oasap. So thank you may surprise you to learn that it retails at just £6.37. Even better postage is also free, worldwide. If you'd like to get your paws on one, it is available in both silver and gold colour, this is the link.

Anyone else got one of these ear-accessories? Have you shopped on Oasap? ...or are you still hiding behind a cushion after watching my presenting?

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