Wednesday, 27 February 2013

What I Wore: What I Wear

If you follow me on Twitter (@Fashion_Bandit) you may have seen me getting rather excited this morning - as I have been featured in the Metro! Sorry about that...

Just before Christmas I was invited by the Metro's style editor, Bel Jacobs, to come down to London for a photo-shoot to appear in this regular 'What I Wear' feature. I was really nervous prior to the shoot, not really sure why, as it wasn't my first time in front of a camera. The day before the shoot I made sure I had coloured my hair, and packed (far too many) clothes, in case I put on my outfit and had a sudden, "Argggghhhhh, I hate this outfit" moment. It happens to the best of us.

I was greeted at the Metro by the lovely Bel, and taken to the studio. P.S. The Metro is part of Associated Newspapers - and their offices are swanky! Here I was left with a gorgeous lady called Charlotte, who did a great job on my make up, and amazing photographer Philip Waterman. Philip was really kind and put me at ease straight away, obviously a very good talent when you are a photographer! He took a whole heap of images and then I was done.

A few weeks after the shoot I was kindly allowed to chose my favourite photo to be featured, which was tricky, because - thanks to Philip- there were lots of good ones. And by good, I mean considering they were of me, he did a good job, I pretty much always think I look like a dork. I then I answered a list of fashiony questions, for them to whittle down into the feature.

I have been waiting patiently for the past couple of months, and thought I was going to be featured next week, so I was surprised to get some lovely texts, tweets and Facebook messages this morning about the the piece!

If you do fancy reading the full article and getting a better look at my outfit, the feature is also online HERE. I am wearing my favourite vintage jumper, a black knitted dress and gold necklace from H&M, Henry Holland for Pretty Polly tights, and Accessorize bowler hat, my ebay shoes and a Punky Pins brooch.

Did any of the gorgeous London-based people spot me this morning? Have you ever been featured in a paper? Would you?

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