Thursday, 21 February 2013

What I Wore: If You Dare

A little outfit post for you today!

I just wanted to show you one of the ways I've been wearing my new Men's River Island T-shirt - today it was over a very bright Topshop dress - which I also wore HERE, like a million years ago. I now have quite the collection of men's Tees and the print on this one is just lovely. The bowler hat I bought last year but it hasn't had too much wear yet. I've not worn these shoes for ages either, but I love that they make me well-over 6ft tall. Yikes.

I forced James out onto the street to take some photos for today's post - and it was bitterly cold, so we lasted all of about six minutes before I turned into a human icicle and he started to complain about people staring. Honestly.

Just a quick one tonight, I have got to paint my nails as we are going wedding ring shopping tomorrow and I don't think chipped neon talons sends the right message. Unless the message is, I am poor and scruffy. In which case at least it would be an honest message...

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