Wednesday, 20 February 2013

February Round Up

Left to right, top to bottom:

1. Calorie counting with My Fitness Pal. I used this app and website last year and got on really well with it. You input your height, weight, age and activity levels, plus how much weight you want to lose, gain or if you want to keep your weight consistent. There is a website, as well as the app, which I use on Android. I particularly like using this on my phone as you can use your mobile's camera to scan bar-codes on food to quickly add it to your food diary. I am not attempting to use it to lose loads of weight - just be a bit healthier and trimmer in time for the wedding.

2. Poor little Boots was neutered, so that when she goes out in a week or so we don't end up with kittens. She wasn't too happy about being a cone head, but it is off now, so she is just concentrating on growing back the large amounts of fur they shaved off her belly!

3. Nail studs using the studding kit I got for Christmas - very simple, but I do like the effect.

4. I have just finished reading the first Dexter book by Jeff Lindsay. Here at Bandit HQ we are massive (read: obsessive) fans of the TV series, but I have to admit I didn't really enjoy the book, so will be sticking with the TV show.

5. Beautiful roses, just one of my Valentine's gifts from my man. I also got two pairs of awesome heart printed tights and chocs.

6. Vintage-style swirly hair for a cinema date - I might do a tutorial on this as I often get asked how I do it, I is much simpler than it looks.

7. Drippy mint and black nails, not my best effort, but I was a bit distracted watching telly when I was doing them!

8. Trying T-Zone's spot zapping stick with Manuka honey. I have used the regular version before, and I know Manuka honey has some amazing anti bacterial and healing properties, God knows my skin needs some help at the moment. I got this in Home Bargains, one of my favourite haunts for cheap beauty supplies.

9. We picked up our certification for marriage this week, and handed it over to the registrar. In fact we have had a very busy week sorting all sorts of wedding stuff, including flowers, catering and invitations  Although I have been feeling the wedding stress we are definitely getting there, and have made some noticeable progress this week.

Thanks for all the entries to my blog birthday competition - I will be drawing the winner and contacting them soon.

What has everyone else been getting up to?

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