Saturday, 15 February 2014

Hello again.

Hi there.

It has been a while, hasn't it? Do you remember me? My name is Alex, aka the Fashion Bandit. I am in my late 20s and I live in Buckinghamshire. I love vintage, retro and reproduction clothes, as well as a healthy dose of high street. I love getting creative with nail art and I change my hair more often than some folk change their underwear. I have an office job, but I also work freelance as writer/stylist/presenter. I have a lovely man and a very fluffy cat called Boots. Now I've re-introduced myself I think I probably owe anyone reading this an explanation as to my quite obvious absence...

Just under a year ago I posted that things would be a bit quiet for a while on the blog, I was getting ready to get married and I was up to my eyeballs in the mega plan-a-thon that getting hitched requires. Now before you jump to conclusions, no the wedding didn't get called off. In fact it went pretty perfectly - and I am now a very happy 'Mrs'. After all the fun of the wedding it took a few weeks for everything to calm down, then we jetted off on a fabulous honeymoon for two weeks in September. When we arrived back I started a new job, which required both longer working hours and a lengthy commute. Over the past year I have also had some health problems which I may build up the courage to discuss in a future post. As such I have been drained, uninspired and living a hermit-like life.

I've had a hard couple of years and if I am being truthful, there have been several moments over that time where I have seriously considered shutting up shop for good. Seeing the rocketing success of other bloggers in a cyber-space over saturated with our kind, left me wondering why mine was plodding along so slowly and feeling generally frustrated with blogging and everything surrounding it. I am not meant to say that though, am I?

To be perfectly honest, I wasn't sure I would pick up my blog again. I had a serious case of bloggers guilt, I knew my site was sat waiting for me, but I couldn't find the motivation to put fingers to keyboard again. I didn't have enough of a following for anyone to really lament the loss of my content, and for a while I didn't even miss posting, I had other things to think about.

So why am I back, you ask? Because I feel I still have something to say. I am feeling inspired again. Not momentarily inspired, but a gradual build up of inspiration over the last couple of months, where I have started to feel like me again.

I want to go back to writing about the things I want to write about, instead of worrying about how it stands next to other's blogs. I want write about the sort of things I like to read. Outfit posts. Thrifty findings and ideas.  Fashion inspiration. Personal posts about life. Beauty tips and tricks. I want to tell you about my wedding. I want to rave about my latest fashion obsessions. I want to share my latest style work with you.

So this is what you can expect. 
More real-life fashion. More real-life beauty. More me.

Will you have me back?

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