Friday, 12 April 2013

All quiet on the wedding front

You may have noticed my posts have become a little infrequent as of late, and there are several good reasons, the main one being, it is now only ten weeks until my wedding!

Ten weeks today, in fact. The planning is going well, the invites have mostly been sent out, the venue, the caterers, the florists, the DJ, have all been booked. The all-important dress and shoes have been bought, but there is still lots to do.

I have taken on some extra work to help pay the bills, so that, combined with my other work and wedding planning like a mad woman, mean I am strapped for time. Word is, I should be trying to squeeze in some beauty-sleep at some point too, ha!

So this post isn't saying that I will not be blogging between now and the big day, but just that things may be a bit slow for a while - but know I am still here, all be it more quietly, and normal service will resume in July.

You can still contact me via Twitter, or email, or just, you know, holla at me in the street. On second thoughts, best stick to the first two.

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