Thursday, 20 February 2014

Since I saw you last...

L to R, top to bottom, my hair over the past 10 months:
grown-out blonde hair / wedding hair / honeymoon hair /
wedding guest up-do hair /  fresh new start hair / scary Halloween hair /
 faded hair / ginger bob hair  / finally...ginger pincurls hair.

So just a quick pictorial hair update...

You know when I said I change my hair a lot? Here is the proof. I thought a quick hair catch up since I last posted my face, was due. So over the past 10 months this is what my barnet has been through. Quite a bit, eh?

I knew I wanted to be a natural-looking blonde for the my wedding, as I always tend to go back to blonde (you've been fore-warned), but after that I got a little bored. In the 18 months running up to the wedding I was really good, I didn't do anything crazy with my hair, no drastic dye-jobs, no crazy afterwards I felt like a change. I started off with a deep red colour and short bangs / fringe, retro style. I love these pin up fringes on other people, but (apart from that one central photo) I hated it on me. The colour started to fade so I went darker, which again, was a bad move. It faded even quicker, so chop-chop, a dose of Hair Colour Remover (thank you, Colour B4, that shizzle really works) and some 'orange' hair dye later, I was finally happy. I am loving being a fiery redhead.

That brings us up to date, so when I post at least you'll recognise me.
You. Are. Welcome.

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