Sunday, 1 August 2010

Oh George!

If you have read much of my blog, you'll know I can't resist a good bargain. I nipped out to Asda to pick up a couple of bits for tea (southerners, this means evening meal - I'm always getting pulled up on this one!) yesterday and happened to wander into the George section...and whoops I got a bit spendy!

Military boots £18

LOVE these boots. Have wanted some military-style boots for so long, but just couldn't justify spending loads of money on them. Wore these today because I was so excited and I can report they are the most comfortable shoes ever!

Glasses £5

It isn't like I need anymore sunglasses, but these have a really cute vintage-look to them, which I fell for. Plus, for £5, when I sit on them and break them, which I inevitably will, it won't break my heart...too much.

Pumps £6

You wouldn't believe how many grey, jersey pumps I've got through in the last year. I tend to wear them until they break, needless to say, my most current pair broke, these are the replacement! Also, weirdly, the boots are size 6.5, the pumps a size 8. Both fit me perfectly.

Top £10 (Left: Back, Right: Front)

Here is where I need your help...
I bought the above top after quickly trying it on in store. The material is lovely, really soft and it is semi-transparent. When I got home I realised that what I thought was the front of the top (in my rushed buy and trying frenzy) is actually the back. Not sure how I feel about that. What do you think - should I wear it back-to-front (gold buttons at front), should I wear it the right way round or should I return it? Fellow fashionistas, advice please?

So regardless of what I do about the above top and the strange shoe sizing, I was really impressed with the stuff they've got in store and you can't argue with the prices! :)

FashionBandit x♥x


  1. Those boots are amazing!! I have to get some!

    I say wear the top whichever way you like better, with a long vest top underneath. Very grunge but cool.


  2. Ah, a girl after my own heart - my latest post features some Asda bargains too :)
    My stuff was all ordered online, but I'm looking forward to going & picking it up, so I can have a mooch around the store & see what else I can pick up!

    I'd keep the top & wear it how you damn well want to wear it! If that's back to front, then wear it back to front. The majority of people are going to know no different anyway, & if they do, who cares?! That's what I'd do anyway..

  3. I did the exact same thing when i was shopping for my lunch the other day!
    i got a lovely playsuit for just a tenner!
    i really like your military boots, i swear they are almost the same as the river island ones, and a hell of a lot cheaper! xxxxx


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