Sunday, 1 August 2010

What I Wore: Number 6

I went out with some friends last night, who were celebrating their 2nd wedding anniversary, but first I need to tell you what happened the night before...

On Friday night I was also out partying, with my friend Tina, and before we went out she shaved my head! Okay, obviously not my whole head, just the back and sides. I normally get my hair cut approx every six weeks, but this time the gap in between cuts will be nine weeks! When I had long hair this was totally not a problem, but when you're doing your best to rock a short hairstyle is quickly looks unruly.

As I am now at week six, with another three to go until my scheduled hair cut, I decided to invest in some clippers. The Boy was my guinea pig and I did his on Thursday night (I don't mind admitting, it looked rather good!). As Tina is a hairdresser, she did the honours for me, but I'll be brave enough to do it myself next time, I think!

Anyway on to the outfit from last night, this is what I wore for partying:
♥ Fringed shoulder top, River Island. I bought this for £12 in the sale a couple of weeks ago, I already have the studded zebra print version, which is a fave, so couldn't resist this.
♥ The HUGE shoes, River Island. These were also a real steal at a sale over a year ago, and considering their height, they are rather comfy!
♥ Leggings, Prmarni ;). Because I had bruises on my legs from my dance class, and also, the top is a little see-through.
♥ One hooped earring and one heart earring, hoop from Topshop and heart from QS. Love mix and matching earrings!

Close-up of the hair!

Hope you've all had lovely weekends!
FashionBandit x♥x


  1. LOVE your hair, love it. Everytime I see it I love it more. (alright stalker mad lady!!)
    That top is fab, and a bargain.


  2. Bloody well love this look on you.
    Thought about getting something similar myself but I dont like my ears (ha ha)

    Love it! xx

  3. Aww thanks ladies :)

    Was a big decision for me to get my hair chopped (see here: I am so pleased it worked out ok and thankfully I don't have too many hang ups about my ears, my thighs on the other hand...

    You've really made me smile today!

    :D ♥x


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