Friday, 10 September 2010

What I Wore: Accessorize Challenege Day Five

Oops, a bit late tonight watching Big Brother the penultimate day and the penultimate outfit - featuring my favourite Accessorize item from the whole selection, the snood.

♥ Accessorize sequined jersey snood £30 (On loan from Accessorize)
♥ Black & mustard batwing jumper, Vintage. I bought this at a vintage fair for just £7 over the summer and have been waiting patiently to wear it - it seem to fit perfectly with the eighties vibe I had going on here!
♥ Skinny black jeans - Clothes Show Live 2008, bought them from a little stall at the show - they have awesome gold detailing on the back pockets which I'll show you one day if you are lucky.
♥ Little black heels, H&M

The zoom...

So the snood...lush, right? It is made from the most beautifully soft jersey, and has hundreds of gorgeous black sequins sewn on one side. You don't see many people wearing the scarf hood cross breed - I guess it isn't for everyone but I love a good snood, and this is a great one.

The only tricky bit is deciding where is appropriate to wear a snood. For work? Makes it hard to answer phones. For a night out? Too warm. For shopping? It is too special. I think it would be perfect for a meal out with fashionable girlfriends or a house party where no dancing or vigorous movements are involved (can't let the snood slip!). Regardless of where I would wear it - I am in love.

The final day of the Accessorize challenge tomorrow, tune in then to get your final fix of sparkly things!

FashionBandit x♥x


  1. I love my winter snood! I don't often wear it like you have unless it's mega cold as it's not dressy enough, but the accessorize one suits you and would be great for a quiet night out with drinks.


  2. I love snoods I wear mine to work loose over dresses this one is gorgeous love the sequins so glam. Love your jumper btw total perfection fabulous find xoxo

  3. I never got a snood last year but will defo be getting one this year.

    Here ... love your hair, my silver washed out after a week, how do you get it to stay or do you just keep re-doing it ? xx


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