Saturday, 11 September 2010

What I Wore: Accessorize Challenege Day Six

It is the final day of my Accessorize challenge and I've got a double treat for you!

What I wore;
♥ Accessorize sequined flower bando headband £12 (On loan from Accessorize)
♥ Accessorize bow belt £12 (On loan from Accessorize)
♥ Flared jeans from Next. You can't beat a good pair of flares as far as I'm concerned.
♥ Striped top, I can't even remember where this is from I've had it so long - one of those tops that just goes with everything.
♥ Black 80s jacket, vintage. This was actually my Mum's, she made it back in the 80s, she is quite the seamstress.
♥ Gold coloured anchor necklace, George @ Asda. Got to love the nautical.
♥ Sparkling watch, from Aldo. Was a lovely Christmas gift from The Boy last year - came with five different straps, perfect for a gal who likes to coordinate. i.e. me.
♥Heeled trainers, Internationale, to stop the flares dragging on the ground! You can't really see them but I do have them on, promise.

 Looky here...

I really like the sequined bando headband, it is really pretty and I think it would get a lot of wear from those of us who love our hair accessories. I have a silver one quite similar that I couldn't get to look right with my long hair (think it was a fringe issue!) but since I've had the chop has come out to play quite a lot! I think the detail is really nice on this, it is very glitzy and would be great for a night out or special occasion.

The belt is really cute and girly, I also think it is quite unusual. Definitely not the type of thing I would have picked out for myself but given the option of it in the package I was mysteriously drawn to it. Great for jeans with a top tucked in, to show of the bow detailing, which goes all the way round the belt.

If you liked any of the items I featured over the last week you can check out the Accessorize website to hunt down your favourite pieces.

I have now posted the parcel back :( the man in the post office must have wondered why I looked so sad handing over my package! Luckily the lovely Accessorize folk sent me two little thank you presents, 'around the world' charm bracelet and a feathered hair clip (similar to the one I wore on day three) - so thank you Accessorize, it has been fun!

So that is it the end of my Accessorize challenge! Have you enjoyed the outfits and accessories I've show you? Any favourites?

FashionBandit x♥x

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  1. Great outfit, I'll definitely be popping into Accessorize for some new hairbands.
    I think the peacock feather is my fave although this is a close second
    Bhav x


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